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Message From the Principal - Nov. 6th, 2017


PHOTOS from the WEEK

November 6, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Every week or so, I will be sharing some thoughts, ideas, videos and strategies that we are working on here at Smilie school in an effort to create a warm, welcoming and challenging educational environment for your children. Many of these will have come from our book study of Conscious Discipline, by Dr. Becky Bailey.

"Noticing as a basis for encouragement, rather than Judging"

Teachers at Smilie are working to "notice what students are doing and relating it to how it helps them with learning, rather than judging what they are doing and how happy it makes the teacher."

Example 1, You did it! You got your paper and your computer so that you would be ready to work! That was helpful!

Example 2: You did it! You saw the books fall on the floor and you went right over and picked them up. That was helpful!

I wanted to let you know about some important events coming right up. Please see the dates and descriptions below:

*WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8: - DELAYED OPENING- The opening of the school day will be delayed by 2 hours so that professional development can happen for our teachers.

School starts at 9:30 a.m. on this day.

If you have signed up for early supervision, your children will come at 7:30 a.m.

*THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9: Thanksgiving Day at Smilie! Please get your forms back so that we know how many people will need meals.

*Here is a message from Anne Clegg and Leslie Pelch, who have volunteered to help with the Senior Baskets this year.

Hello all Bolton senior basket helpers,

Leslie and I have volunteered to coordinate the senior baskets this year.

We have a few questions for everyone:

1. We wanted to ask who is willing to help with sorting on Dec 15th in the afternoon and/or delivering on Dec 16th? (We are awaiting final confirmation for those dates).

2. Does anyone know who made those sweet potholders/trivets last year? Or does anyone have an idea of who may be willing to make some sort of present like that again.

3. Please let us know if you have any additional thoughts/ideas about what we could do to make the baskets special?

4. If there is anyone else who you know who is interested in helping, please add them to this email list or let us know and we can reach out to them directly.


Anne and Leslie

*November 20 & 21- Professional Development for teachers

*November 20-November 24- Thanksgiving Break for students


Hi Smilie Families,

Our fall Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser is more than halfway over so I wanted to give you a few tips and reminders to help make it as successful as possible. I encourage you to send an email to friends and family or use social media to expand the sales beyond you and your immediate neighborhoods. The website address is http://www.mixedbagdesigns.com. Upon checkout you will be asked for a fundraiser ID, which is 749511. It will then ask you for your child's name and teacher. Once you fill in that information all profits will go to the SCA and the purchase will be credited to your child (there are prize incentives included in this fundraiser). Any items purchased online will be shipped directly to the person who made the purchase. If you place all orders online it is not necessary to send your order form back to school. It's that easy!

*A message from our Food Service Director: David Horner

Start the school year off right with free breakfast and lunch! As children return to school, it's important to turn in your family's school meal application. Many are surprised to find out that they qualify, and turning in this application helps every child in the school. All students who qualify for school meals will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge.

Strong participation in school breakfast and lunch also helps to sustain your school's meal program and can boost meal quality. There are also many other benefits to enrolling as many students in your meal program as possible: the amount of grant money a school received, and the opportunity to serve meal at no charge to every student after school and during the summer months, is all based on the percentage of students who enroll in the school meal program."

*School choice updates

Schools are receiving questions regarding both school choice and Spanish Immersion. Please feel free to provide the following to families that ask:

We are working to update the school choice process, sort out details of siblings, application updates, etc. Here are some details to add:

Do I have to re-apply (fill out form) if I've already had an older sibling utilize school choice and I want the younger sibling to do the same?YES

How do I apply for Spanish Immersion? It's the same process as school choice; however, we are currently planning for next year and haven't determined program specifics.

If you have incoming Kindergarten families ask about the Spanish Immersion program please send them the link to the parent survey we sent out: https://goo.gl/forms/ObLc72xmfb03fjNe2

Please stop in to say hello and chat!



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